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Julie-Anne Richmond

Julie-Anne’s fascination with art began as a young child, where she was never more content than with a pencil in hand and a page on which to draw…and to this day that hasn’t changed.  She grew inquisitive with colour and technique when studying in school, and came to know artists like Turner, Yeats and Cezanne which have been of huge influence in her work ever since.


Continuing with art education to foundation level at Limavady, Julie-Anne further studied Fine and Applied Art at the University of Ulster Belfast. In these years she grew to know who she was as an artist, establishing a style to build on and experiment with. Many years on from then she is still practicing in much the same way, enjoying lively expression in diverse medium, drawing inspiration from life experience and beauty in her surroundings. 


As an artist, Julie-Anne believes that every painting has a personality with a tale to tell and she questions how the artwork interacts with those who view it. It is this communication that guides her thoughts as she paints and draws, using the movement of the medium to share the stories detail and colour to express its atmosphere.


This concept is not something that Julie-Anne has confined to her studio or kept to herself.  Using her background in community work and teaching (post primary Art and Design) she has been able to explore art in a community sense, facilitating creative workshops making art accessible to all.