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Elvin Warwick Simpson

Elvin Warwick Simpson did a BA Hons in Ceramics at Camberwell School of Art, and an MSc (Arch) in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technologies in Wales. He has earned his living as a carpenter, joiner, cabinetmaker and stair maker over the years, while playing and writing music and songs for a number of years as part of a band in London. He came back to his artwork after a long sabbatical in the attempts to rationalise being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, and realising his  artwork had significance to others beside himself. The catalyst for this was a chronic shoulder injury which has prevented him from continuing with his woodwork.

About the artwork.
His work is an exploration of the interactions between himself, others, the built environment and the natural world, and is deeply rooted in symbolism, psychology and therapeutic interaction. It aims, through the use of symbols and colour to enable analogical expression of an internal psychological and/or emotional condition: furthermore the artworks are built up of layers cut out to create a latticework of patterned symbols through which can be seen another layer, and another layer behind that, and so on.

“The field of arrows and mandalas became motifs expressing the way I think the world ought to be: a series of yes/no decisions each one of which leads logically on to another yes/no decision……. many times resulting in cycles of activity…..

but life, and the world, isn’t like that

it’s confusing and contradictory, even without the paradoxical behaviours of our fellow humans to interpret, so having found my motifs for how I felt it should be, I began to experiment with ways of expressing the way I actually experience various aspects of life and of my perceptions.”

The pieces in this series of work is the result. 

He is working towards creating an animation which incorporates and develops these images and combines them with a soundtrack he is also currently working on. Who knows if it will ever be finished….