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The Name shall be Causeway Coast Artists Known hereafter as CCA in this document



The aims of CCA are too showcase and promote the works of artists, craft makers and photographers living and working on the North Coast and of those whose work is inspired by the landscape here. The CCa belongs to and is owned solely by its members.

Application for Membership

Application for membership is open to those over the age of 18. There is a selection procedure. Every member has a casting vote at the AGM. The Committee (or quorum) reserve the right to cancel any membership if that member brings the CCA into disrepute or behaves in an inappropriate maeer. The committee's decision is final.

Membership Fees

Membership fees shall be preset by the committee and reviewed annually. Members at the AGM agree the membership fees every year. Fees are due on the 1st January and are payable to the Treasurer.

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting shall be held in October each year. The AGM shall give not less than fourteen days notice by email to members of CCA. voting shall be by a show of hands. If voting is equal the chairman shall have a casting vote. There should be a quorum of six people.

Election of Officers

At the AGM the officials of the CCA shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election. The posts are Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and such committee members that are needed.

Committee Meetings

Ordinary meetings shall be held as required for the business of CCA


All monies belonging to CCA shall be paid into the bank of CCA. Cheques drawn on CCA’s account shall be signed by two officials of CCA as duly authorised by the committee. The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of CCA in a full and accurate form and shall present a financial statement to each Annual General Meeting.
The income of CCA is used solely for the promotion of the aims and objects of CCA. If upon the winding up or dissolution of CCA, there remains any money, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, the money shall be given or transferred to some other charitable institutions or institutions approved by the members.

Equal Opportunities Policy

CCA welcomes as members any individuals who share the aims of CCA regardless of Age, Race, Religion, Gender, Disability or Sexuality.


No altercation, addition or amendment shall be made to the constitution of CCA except at the AGM on notice of motion given to the Chairperson and advised to members not less than fourteen days before the date of the meeting.

Signed: Chairperson


Dated: 26th October, 2017